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NEWS! Adelaide GP book in production

The team behind and the Adelaide Grand Prix social media pages is proud to announce the development of a book project on this glorious era.

Adelaide’s Grand Prix – 1985-1995 – The Glory Years tells the story of how a city awoke from its slumber. Of how Adelaide managed to attract one of the biggest sporting events on the planet, with a year-by-year account of the on- and off-track action, the factors that led to the grand prix being poached by Victoria and its legacy.

There are also chapters on the histories of Adelaide, Formula 1 and the Australian Grand Prix (including the often-forgotten grands prix held in Victor Harbour, Lobethal, Nuriootpa and Port Wakefield) to provide context for the enormity of the event to the city and motorsport. There’s also an honour roll and records for a definitive reference book.

This book will fill a void in the marketplace. At present, there’s no publication currently in print or on sale in stores that details the history of the event in Adelaide despite the increased popularity of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival and nostalgia around the Adelaide Grand Prix, as demonstrated by the 5000-plus likes our Facebook page (@AdelaideGP ) has already attracted.

We are seeking your donation to help fund the production process, from the acquiring of images, editing, design, printing and marketing the publication. Once the amount is raised, we have a publisher lined up and can complete the production process in 2018. If each person who has liked the Facebook page donates just $5, then we will have the funds to complete the project.

The team behind the publication is led by Adrian Musolino, who, like many South Australians, fell in love with motorsport in the grand prix era. Since then he’s worked as a motorsport journalist and is currently editor of SupercarXtra Magazine, the leading Supercars publication.

The following rewards are offered for donations of various amounts:

$25 – Your name in the acknowledgements section.

$50 – Your name and a reflection (involvement in the event, favourite memory etc – 25 words or less) in the acknowledgments section.

$100 – A signed copy of the book (upon publication) in addition to your name and reflection in the acknowledgments section – limited to 100.

$150 – Adelaide GP-era trading cards/stickers/postcards (five) in addition to signed copy of book on publication plus name and reflection in acknowledgments section – limited to 100.

$200 – Adelaide GP-era cards/stickers/postcards (five) and poster in addition to signed copy of book on publication, name and reflection in acknowledgments section – limited to 100.

$500 – Your company’s logo in the acknowledgments section.

Donate to the project here:


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