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FLASHBACK! Michael Schumacher’s qualifying crash in 1994

The 1994 Australian Grand Prix is remembered for the championship-deciding collision between Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill on lap 36, but an often-forgotten footnote to that incident was Schumacher’s heavy qualifying crash.

Schumacher lost control of his Benetton B194 on the entry into the newly-named Senna Chicane in the closing stages of Friday’s qualifying session.

The rearward hit into the tyre barrier sent the Benetton spinning into a head-on collision and ripped off the left-hand side of the car. Schumacher walked away from the crash, arguably one of the heaviest hits in the history of the Adelaide Grand Prix.

The accident left Schumacher in second place in the session, which would set the grid when wet weather hit during Saturday’s session, and into his spare car for the race.

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