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VIDEO! 2017 Adelaide Motorsport Festival review

Formula 1 cars returned to the streets of Adelaide at the fourth running of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in 2017.

Nine Formula 1 cars headlined the event, including four Adelaide Grand Prix-era cars, with the debut of the 1988 Lola Larrousse LC88, 1989 Dallara BMS F189 and 1994 Footwork FA15, Alan Jones’ championship-winning 1980 Williams FW07B and the iconic 1986 Benetton B186.

South Australian-raised Supercars driver Tim Slade set a Victoria Park Sprint Circuit lap record of 43.03 seconds in the 1994 Footwork FA15, lowering the record set by former Formula 1 driver Ivan Capelli in 2016.

Fellow Supercars racers Craig Lowndes, Cameron Waters and Todd Hazelwood shared driving duties in the 1986 Benetton B186, while the 1988 Lola Larrousse LC88 and 1989 Dallara BMS F189 were driven by owners Brenton Griguol and Andre Bezuidenhout.

Watch the 2017 Adelaide Motorsport Festival review program here:

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