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VIDEO! Niki Lauda on the scars he carried

Austrian Niki Lauda ended his illustrious Formula 1 career at the first Adelaide Grand Prix in 1985.

It was Lauda’s 171st and final start in a career that netted 25 race wins and three world championships (1975, 1977 and 1984), two of which were achieved after the crash that nearly took his life in Germany in 1976.

Lauda crashed on a fast kink at the Nürburgring with his Ferrari bursting into flames on impact. He was saved by the fast actions of fellow drivers who stopped to pull him from the car, though he suffered severe burns to his head, including the loss of most of his right ear, and damaged lungs due to inhaling hot toxic gases.

Lauda discussed the scars he’s carried since the accident with American journalist Graham Bensinger on ESPN here:

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