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FEATURE! When rivals became friends

Alain Prost has opened up about his relationship with Ayrton Senna on the ‘F1 Beyond The Grid’ podcast.

The rivals stood on the podium for a final time at the 1993 Adelaide Grand Prix, ending years of animosity.

Prost describes how Senna’s behaviour towards him changed following his final grand prix, leading to a close friendship in Senna’s final months.

“When we were on the podium in Adelaide, he changed completely the way he was with me,” said Prost.

“I can call that a friend because when you start to talk about your professional life, personal life, your worries, your problems, what he has done during the winter before his accident and I always said: ‘I know something that I will never share to anybody.’ I never talked to anybody, even persons of my family, because that was a secret. So I can say yes, in this way, he was a friend.”

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

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