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VALE! Remembering Murray Walker

Murray Walker, the voice of Formula 1 throughout the Adelaide Grand Prix era, has passed away at age 97.

The war veteran and former motorcycle racer became the world-renowned motorsport commentator. He was the full-time commentator for the English-speaking telecasts of Formula 1 between 1978 and 2001, with his passion and excitement behind the microphone providing the soundtrack to a golden era of the sport.  

Walker named Adelaide as his favourite Formula 1 race, becoming an integral part of Channel Nine’s Adelaide Grand Prix coverage. He returned to South Australia on numerous occasions for the Adelaide 500 and Classic Adelaide Rally.

CLICK HERE to hear Walker tell his story on the ‘Beyond the Grid’ podcast from 2019.

Here, we reflect back on Walker’s life with videos that provide a snapshot of his time as the voice of Formula 1 and in Adelaide.

CLICK HERE for Walker and Jackie Stewart’s guide to the Adelaide Street Circuit.

Walker’s greatest commentary moments:

Martin Brundle pays tribute to Walker:

Walker on hand for Nine’s final Formula 1 telecast in 2002, featuring highlights of his commentary in Adelaide:

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